project documentation – part 1

My first open source project – Eliav’s wind rose

work documentation description

My First open source project “Eliav’s Wind Rose” started out as I needed to analyze wind data at my job as an environmental consultant.

I decided to build an open source application that will be easy to use.

The application is located on rstudio web servers at:, user instruction can be found here.

Another important aspect to my project (the hardest one apparently) is good documentation. So this here is my effort to document my work.

I will be happy to hear any comments.


1. Open source

“Free software means that the software’s users have freedom. (The issue is not about price.) “

(Taken from the “Philosophy of the GNU Project”(link))

i am a big fan of open source so it was clear to me that i want this project to be open, open in the way that it is freely distributed and work is in a community style

1.1 Availability of the code

The idea of this project is that the source code is published and made available on github (might be a little messy i am working on tidying it up), enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code without paying royalties or fees.

I am new to github so even though it looks like there is a lot of ways to use it, right now i make use of github to store my code, and to look at different projects to get ideas.

1.2 community development

My aim is to keep building this through community cooperation.

from the beginning of this project I used many internet social tools like:

stackoverflow: stackoverflow is an enormous aggregation of geeks that will answer question I used stack overflow to ask technical questions during my work on the app

linkedin: I used linkedin groups like  ” Air Quality Dispersion Modeling ” and ” Air Pollution ” to get feedback on my app.

2. R

 I was introduced to R during my masters degree.

R is a programming language mainly used for statistical computing and graphics.

2.1 packages

The capabilities of R are extended through thousands of user-created packages 

 To build this app I used shiny a web Application Framework and openair a package for analyzing air pollution data

3. future planes

I  have a few ideas (theoretical more than practical) of feature i want to add to the app:

  • download the data as tables

  • add wind energy estimations(weibull analysis)

  • fit data to the different models

  • when i get the hang of using a web server i want to use my own instead of using the shiny hosting 

So i know i said it but i would realy love to hear and get ideas


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